Basics of Compose

Compose is a platform for database hosting. We run our infrastructure on AWS, Digital Ocean, and Softlayer. From our platform you can instantly build your production-grade data layer. Then, you can easily connect your application to our infrastructure and focus on your code and business instead of worrying about your database.


The following plans can run any of the following databases. Compose offers two tiers of plans:

Elastic Deployments are high-availability database deployments which scale automatically based on data size usage.

Dedicated Servers servers dedicated to a single customer, which are beneficial for large data sizes, extreme high throughput, unique use-cases or business requirements.


MongoDB is a flexible JSON-like data store, which is highly scalable, and comes with a thought-out, good query language. MongoDB functions well as both an application's primary database, a caching layer for SQL databases, and various use cases in between.

Elasticsearch is optimized for complex queries such as site-wide searches or other complex criteria. Elasticsearch excels at common schema designs such as tagging and multiple range conditions. Elasticsearch is a powerful stand-alone tool, or combined with PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

RethinkDB is an emerging database technology with a JSON data model, joins, subqueries, aggregation, and atomic updates. Includes the ability to shard and queries are automatically distributed and MVCC concurrency and lock-free operation.

Redis is a simple key-value store. A key string matches a single value. Don't let the simplicity fool you, it is simplicity ensures Redis remains fast. Redis is commonly used as a buffer, queue, job system, and or a transient database. Redis' simplicity can be used in surprising ways.

PostgreSQL is a full-featured SQL database. PostgreSQL is used for all types of data from the primary application datastore to a data warehouse.


Compose Enhanced is an account level service for customers with critical production database installations. The service provides tools, access to experts, 24x7 on call DBAs, and private networking options for dedicated clusters.

Transporter is a tool built by us at Compose, which allows you to move data between databases. At a high level, it can move data from one database to another database. Pratically speaking, use it to copy data from from a source, like MongoDB, to an Elasticsearch, for testing. Or maintain a stream from a production database to a separate data store.