Dedicated MongoDB Servers

Compose offers dedicated deployments of MongoDB in a manner designed to meet your data's specific needs. The most common scenarios for dedicated MongoDB deployments are:

  • Analytics engines with high-CPU and RAM needs
  • Building and scaling a multi-tenant SaaS product
  • High frequency transactional workloads
  • Large logging datasets

We have many customers with very large platforms; we have seen both successful and unsuccessful patterns. If you are looking to go this route, please consider reaching out to our sales engineers at We can spot check your ideas and get you started on the best Compose platform.

Migrating to a Dedicated MongoDB Server

When migrating to a Compose dedicated server platform we offer zero-downtime migrations. We can migrate from:

  • Compose Elastic Deployments
  • Legacy Compose shared plans
  • Self-hosted MongoDB
  • Virtually any other hosting platform


Pricing for Compose dedicated servers is based on the following variables:

  • The number of servers in your deployment
  • The addition of a dedicated backup member
  • The cloud provider used
  • Any additional capacity (drive space, RAM, iops) above and beyond what is provided in the default instance sizes

Charges are month-to-month. For more information on dedicated server pricing, please see the Compose pricing page. If you do not see your desired platform, please contact or call (415) 874-7038 and we will provide information on your desired platform.


We offer dedicated MongoDB replica sets across many of Amazon's regions:

  • US East (Virginia)
  • US West 1 (North California)
  • US West 2 (Oregon)
  • EU West 1 (Ireland)
  • AP Northeast 1 (Tokyo)
  • AP Southeast 1 (Singapore)
  • AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)

To maximize performance, we strongly encourage running MongoDB in the same datacenter as your application servers.

Single Server

Single servers are excellent for maximizing MongoDB performance while minimizing cost. Common use cases include analytics engines, log storage, load testing, and staging environments.

Replica Sets

Replica sets offer near 100% uptime for environments. These configurations consist of primary and secondary members. The secondary server acts as a hot-standby in the event the primary fails. With MongoDB in cloud environments, replica sets are a must for those desiring maximum uptime. Replica set use cases cover all industries including social media, statistical analysis, mobile platforms, gaming, and much more.


Sharding is an array of replica sets over which MongoDB distributes load. Sharding scales horizontally by adding more replica set nodes that bear the load. These configurations gain performance boosts by distributing queries over four or more servers.

Customer Service Options

Compose customers running dedicated servers receive higher priority in the support queue. Also, at request, we can offer scaling and performance guidance, as well as growth planning.

For customers with special requirements we offer premium phone support which gives a one hour response guarantee from our engineers, 24 / 7, in emergency or downtime events.

For more information about premium support options, view our Support Plans documentation.

How to Get Started


To create a dedicated server platform you'll need to create an account first. After creating an account, you want to choose "Add Database" in your account. From there you will see a "Dedicated Server" section in the form. You'll be able to build out your desired dedicated server platform with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions, we're here to help! Just send an email describing your needs to or call (415) 874-7038.

Billing Methods

Compose uses credit card billing for most platforms. With dedicated server platforms customers have the option to be billed via an invoice. Invoicing options are only available to accounts that have a minimum $5,000 USD spend per month.